How to install the Netflix application on the Sony console?


Yes, installing Netflix on your PS5 is indeed doable! Discover all the steps of the installation. Switching between games and Netflix series is quite possible on the PS5. But how to install the famous streaming platform on the new generation of Sony consoles?

Did you expect it? She finally arrives! To the delight of players, the PS5 is therefore making a sensational entry into all departments!

Finally… In the online shelves. Containment requires, no console will then be available in store. But at least we avoid crowds!

The more curious will have noticed it… On the remote control dedicated to the console – because yes, there is one – a “Netflix” button appears. Strange!

Okay, we’ll grant it to you, it’s not that much actually. You will understand, the streaming platform is therefore embedded on PS5.

But before this famous button is functional, you must first download the app. So, MCE TV shows you how!


Who doesn’t own Netflix today? Absolutely no one! Well, yes, some still don’t have it, but they should!

So imagine being able to switch between your favorite video games and your favorite series. The dream isn’t it?

Well, imagine that it is quite possible! On PS5, you can therefore download the Netflix app and access the entire catalog.

It’s very easy to do this! First, go to the “Multimedia content” tab, then “All apps”. In the list, you then find the Holy Grail!

Then download the application and wait for the installation to complete. There you are, everything is ready. You now have access to Netflix on your PS5!

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And don’t forget, to go faster, click directly on the button available on the remote control of the next generation console.


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