How to install apps from the Microsoft Store


Users of the Redmond operating system also have a store where all kinds of applications can be obtained. Yes, we are talking about the Microsoft store, a space dedicated to all the software authorized to use in Windows 10. But it may never have given you to even enter to see what there is, so today we tell you how to enter and install applications from the Microsoft Store.

How to use the Microsoft Store

This is the easiest part of all: how to use the Microsoft Store. Everything begins by looking for the application as soon as you enter the Windows 10 start menu. You just have to double click on the application and you will enter the entire catalog that has the feature. You will have a section of recommended applications and games, but at the top you have different themes. Games, entertainment, productivity and offers are some of them. Of course, if you are clear about the name of the app you can use the search engine that you have on the right side.

How to install the applications

The first thing is essential for the Store and is to log in with your Microsoft account. This is vital for the library system to function as well as the purchases you make. After all, you are buying or acquiring a free key to a program in digital format. From here, the procedure will sound familiar to you since it is the same as the one you do with your Android or iOS smartphone. Follow the steps below to do it:

Enter the Microsoft Store
Select the application you want to download
Go to the Buy or Get box
Make the payment by filling in the necessary fields if applicable
Wait for the application to install on your computer
Now you will have your application or applications installed on your terminal, although you should know one thing: The Microsoft store does not let you change the application installation disk. If you go to Settings of the application you will not be able to do it, but there is a way to achieve it and it is as simple as going to the Settings section> storage> change the storage location of the new content. This will work for you if you have multiple drives or multiple partitions of one.


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