How to install and download mods in Resident Evil 8 Village


Resident Evil 8 Village: After completing Resident Evil 8 on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox, you can apply mods to turn Chris into a baby, among other crazy things. We offer you the best. Mods for PC are the order of the day; More and more users are betting on them with the intention of transforming their favorite games into very crazy things. Some correct or improve technical elements, but others are designed to raise the levels of fun and provoke smiles with such eccentric ideas as changing Lady Dimitrescu for Mr. X or transforming Chris Redfield into a baby, among others. They’re so fun that we couldn’t finish our complete guide without bringing you the best Resident Evil 8 Village mods.

The best Resident Evil 8 Village mods and how to install them

In addition to the mod in question that you choose, you need to install a mod manager. Specifically, to apply them to both Resident Evil 8 Village and other games in the franchise, you must download and install Fluffy Manager, available in Nexus Mods. Although in general the manager is very intuitive, each mod has its own instructions along with its download.

Chris Redfield, baby of Mia and Ethan

Mia and Ethan’s daughter is called Rose Winters, but if you want you can make her Chris Redfield. In fact, once you install the mod, you will have to carry it around the house in your arms during the prologue and you will have to lay it down in her crib. Luckily here he is very small and he has not yet developed his arms …


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