How to import financial data from Google Finance to Excel


Google Finance, a service that provides information about the financial market, allows you to import this data into Microsoft Excel. Through this function, it is possible to create spreadsheets easily with the financial data available in the service. With this, users can create comparative tables and consult public databases to access the history of stock quotes on the stock exchange, foreign exchange and other assets.

It is also possible to view the evolution of the dollar and make various calculations, such as depreciation, settlement period, among others. Below, we elaborate a step by step and how to perform this import.

Import Finance data to Excel

Step 1: Access Google Sheets, available at, and create a new spreadsheet online;

Step 2: Choose a title for the document and reserve the second line for the data to be imported. If you want to get the price change for a given stock, type “=” in a cell and paste the formula GOOGLEFINANCE (ticker; [attribute]; [start_date]; [end_date | num_days]; [interval]);

Step 3: Once this is done, replace the word “ticker” in the formula with the name of the desired stock and the exchange on which it is traded. To see Google’s actions, for example, type “NASDAQ: GOOG”. It is worth mentioning that the initial refers to Nasdaq, a stock exchange where shares of technology companies in Silicon Valley are traded. As a matter of knowledge, the Bovespa ticker is BVMF;

Step 4: Since the search will be on stock prices, replace the word “attribute” with “price”. It is also possible to search for the high or low of the day, the volume of trades, market value, variation since the previous trading day and the list continues. For all available commands, visit the Google support page (;

Step 5: Now, replace the terms “start date” and “end date” with the start and end dates of the analysis, respectively. The format adopted must be date (year; month; day). To search from January 1, 200 to December 31, 2019, for example, type date (2000; 1; 1); date (2019; 12; 31);

Step 6: In the “Interval” part, write the periodicity in which the spreadsheet should display the quotes. To show daily values, just type “daily”;

Step 7: To effectively import data from Google Finance, click on the “Enter” key. With this, a table will be created with all the closing prices of the researched shares on all days within the specified period;

Step 8: If you want to create a graph from this information, just select the columns, open the “Insert” menu and then click on the “Graph” option;

Step 9: Finally, to have the document in Excel format, just click on “File”, select the option “Download” and choose “Microsoft Excel”.


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