How to hide your last Telegram session


Messaging apps are very useful when you are trying to contact someone directly. You simply write a message to that contact and wait for them to read it, since they will most likely receive it. If the contact decides to read it and contact you, you can see the last time they connected, but you may not want that to happen to you. So today we teach you how to hide your last Telegram session.

No one will know when you last connected to Telegram

One of the things users want to have when they are in a lot of groups or have a lot of open conversations is peace of mind. And it is very easy for everyone to know when you last connected even if you don’t want to. But the truth is that this feature is easy to hide from the rest of the world and if you want to know this Telegram trick you just have to read the following paragraphs.

It’s all about using a part of the settings that we are going to discover below.

Enter Telegram >Access Settings >Select Privacy and security >Choose the Last time and online feature > Select the Nobody option >Click on the button at the top right to make the change

This last step is very important, since otherwise your status in Telegram will remain active. As we told you at the beginning, this function will hide the information of your last connection to the application from users, so it will only appear when you are online. This function is very interesting for all those who want a little peace of mind. If you are one of those who receive many messages a day, this way you may have a bit of a truce since Telegram covers you.

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