How to hide your device when you enter new WiFi network


Going unnoticed is one of the things that everyone looks for when browsing the Internet. But there is a detail that you should know and that is that for other users to see your computer you only have to connect to the same network as them. For this reason, you will be interested in knowing how you can hide your computer every time you connect to a new network.

How to hide your equipment when you connect to a network

The wireless connection has allowed many users to work with each other even if they do not have a cable connected to the router. This in its day opened many doors to shared work since it allowed access to some files stored on the computers of other users within the same environment. But for this the equipment must be visible and users may want their presence to go unnoticed. If you are one of those, we will tell you how to hide your equipment when connecting to a new network.

The truth is that this trick is part of the basic questions that your operating system presents every time you connect to any network. Be it private, public or work, the computer can stay in a low profile as long as you pay attention to the communication process with the router.

In Windows 10, every time you connect to a new network, a message appears asking if you want to share access to your computer with the other computers connected to the network. Of course, it states that this option is recommended when it comes to a secure or trusted network, whether it is a work or private network. By selecting the section as you do not want to show your presence, your computer will not appear in the shared resource center of the selected network.

Another simple way to change the profile of your computer, if you want to change how it responds within a network environment, is through the control panel. But not the new one, but the old panel that you can still consult by putting that name in the Windows 10 search engine. Next you must follow the path Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.

Here you will have the opportunity to configure the parameters of your PC each time it connects to a router and establishes a specific type. Whether it is public, private or work, you can activate network discovery so that your machine does not appear in the list of computers that transfer their files. How to hide your computer when you enter a new WiFi network


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