How to hide the Windows 10 taskbar


Computer operating systems always have a toolbar where you can place your most recurring applications. It also helps you to have access to all the basic functions of the software such as configuration or access to the most useful features. But this function sometimes doesn’t need to be present, like when you watch a video file. For this reason, if your Windows 10 taskbar does not disappear, we will tell you how to do it.

How to hide the Windows 10 taskbar

The taskbar can be an immovable element of the Redmond operating system. It is the section from which you can access all the active applications or at least the ones you have pinned. But sometimes you may want to have the space they occupy for certain tasks such as using the Windows player or viewing the multimedia content of a browser in full screen.

If this is not your case, then you have the taskbar blocked in Windows 10 but luckily we will tell you how you can unlock it. The trick that we tell you to start is very simple and goes to the Settings to access it. The path is Settings> Personalization> Taskbar. Now you just have to select the option Lock taskbar. Now it should retract when not activated, but you can also remove the Auto Hide option in desktop mode.

Other tricks to hide the taskbar
What we have told you in the previous paragraphs is the easiest option to hide the Windows 10 taskbar. However, it may not work at all at first and you have to go to more drastic methods. This can be fixed by following the steps below:

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1. Activate the command ctrl + alt + delete
2.Go to the task manager
3.Search by name for the Explorer process
4.Restart the process

For a moment your screen will go black as you reset all the graphical elements on the desktop. This should be enough, but you can always try to restart the machine to close all the processes that you had open without knowing it.


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