How To Hide The Last Connection Time On WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram And Instagram?


WhatsApp: Some people don’t care at all, but other people even feel anxious if a contact suddenly sees the last time they connected to a social network. It happens on WhatsApp, it happens on Telegram, on Facebook and on Instagram. But this ‘sneak’ is customizable and can be muted so that it doesn’t reveal anything within the usual privacy settings.

Do you want no one else to see what time you last connected to a social network? Do this depending on the app you don’t want to be seen active on.

How to remove the last connection time in WhatsApp?

Use the following step-by-step trick to hide the last connection time in the WhatsApp instant messaging app step by step:
Enter the menu: “Settings”
Select: “Privacy”
Just click on the first option, ‘Last. time’. Here you can choose if you want everyone who has your WhatsApp to see what time you were online last time, just your contacts or no one directly.

How to remove the last connection time in Messenger from

Enter Facebook Messenger from your mobile device.
Click on your profile picture, which is in the upper right.
In the Settings section you must enter the Availability option.
In the next window, you’ll need to disable availability on Messenger, which will prevent your contacts from knowing when you’re online.
Now you have to do it in the Facebook application. Open the app on the mobile
Click on the three stripes at the top right of the screen.
Then go to Settings.
The next thing will be to enter Application Settings.
You will be able to see a list of options to activate or deactivate, in this case you will deactivate the so-called “Facebook Chat“, which will prevent the application from showing you active in Facebook chat when you browse the social network.