How to have a Koala or kangaroo home thanks to Google


For several months now, we have been using the Google search engine application on our mobile to view animated 3D models in AR of different animals such as lions or sharks, or we can also see skeletons and parts of the human body as if we had them next to us. And even giant dinosaurs down our street, and cats in witch hats, sinister pumpkins, and dancing skeletons for Halloween.

Australian fauna on your mobile

Open the Google app on a mobile and type ‘koala’ or ‘kangaroo’ in the Search. You will see the option to see the animal among the results. If you press ‘View in 3D’, when you open it you will see a 3D model. But the best thing is when you use the “See in your space” option, because then augmented reality works its magic, and you can have a kangaroo looking curiously around your living room.

You will be able to see its full-scale size, details, movements and even hear its sounds on Android devices (sounds will also be coming to iOS soon). You can also make captures of Australian fauna, animated for the Google search engine.

And since it is AR, you can get closer with your mobile, zoom in or simply rotate around it to see it in 360º. Here is the list of Australian animals that you can see come to ‘life’. Write the following in the Google app:


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