How to Grow crops in Final Fantasy XIV


Introduced in Update 2.2, gardening is a housing mechanic in Final Fantasy XIV that allows Warriors of Light to grow a variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, products for chocobos and even henchmen. While harvesting crops in the open world as a botanist, players often come across different seeds that they can use for gardening. At first, it may seem unproductive to plant seeds, since collectors in Final Fantasy XIV can quickly harvest the same resource from the wild. However, the practicality of gardening goes beyond the single seed item itself and allows for crossbreeding or crossbreeding, a mechanic that allows gardeners to grow crops exclusive to gardening.

An excellent example of crossing in FFXIV horticulture is glaze, a valuable resource available only when crossing crops such as prickly pineapple and Old World figs. In other words, the glaze can only be grown in the garden, and it cannot be found growing in the wild. . For this reason, crops and items grown by crossing are moderately expensive and can be sold at a high profit on the Marketplace. In addition, the value of these mixed crops can be further increased by the production of their seeds.

To start growing crops, in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need a house. Of course, the house does not necessarily have to belong directly to the player, since he can use the house of his free company or a friend’s house for gardening using the property sharing system. Naturally, the size of the property will determine how many garden plots can be placed in the fence of the house.

Gardening in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are three types of garden plots for growing crops, each of which can be purchased from an NPC merchant:

Round Garden Patch: Offers four beds Long Garden Patch: offers six beds Deluxe Garden Patch: offers eight beds

Before players can start planting seeds, they will need to get fertilizers and soil based on the variety. Fertilizer is sold from a material supplier, and sorted soil can be purchased from high-level collectors or from the FFXIV market council. There are different types of soils that will affect the process of growing crops. For example, players must choose the right soil depending on whether they want to crossbreed or get a higher yield. For more information about the complexities of Interacrossing and crop positioning, players can refer to useful third-party websites such as FFXIV Gardening.

Depending on what was planted, the seed may take several real days to fully grow. Keep in mind that during the growth period, players will need to check their plants regularly, supplying them with fertilizers to keep them healthy.