How To Get Wheat To Grow And Cook In Animal Crossing New Horizons


Animal Crossing New Horizons: We tell you how you can get wheat to grow and use as an ingredient to cook various dishes in Animal Crossing New Horizons (2.0.0). The 2.0.0 update has brought a good handful of new features to Animal Crossing New Horizons such as Figaro’s Cafeteria or the gyroids. In addition, one of the great novelties that the gaming community has liked the most is the possibility of growing different vegetables and cooking them to obtain a variety of dishes to consume or use as decoration. They are all vegetarians, so we cannot use the fish we get from our seas, but we will have to resort to cultivated fruits and vegetables. One of these ingredients, very essential for a good number of recipes, is wheat. Therefore, here we explain how you can achieve it and what it is for exactly.

How to get wheat to grow

To get wheat for the first time we will have to follow the same steps as in the case of pumpkins. The well-known Gandulio, a sloth whose function is to sell us different flowers, plants and vegetables in seed form, will come to our island from time to time. When we talk to him we can get wheat from his offers, but it will not always be like that (he can also sell us other vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes). Therefore, we will have to try our luck and be attentive so that when you visit us we get this useful material.

Another option that comes with update 2.0.0 is to visit Cayo Fauno and go to the back of the area, where a community plaza awaits where we can donate a certain amount of berries (100,000 specifically for each project) to the Gyroids that they collect to unlock different businesses there. One of them is Gandulio’s, so if we finance his position, we can find him out there much more often in order to buy him ears of wheat.