How to get Tuskmon in Digimon Survive


Taskmon is a champion dinosaur digimon in the style of a Tyrannosaurus in Digimon Survive, which Tamers can encounter during free battles in the middle of the main campaign of the game. Because of its audacious and reckless nature, this digital monster is called the “Panzer Digimon”, a super-heavy beast that is known to destroy everything in its path without hesitation. This Dinosaur Digimon from Digimon Survive with thick sharp claws on the hind legs and metacarpal bones has spikes along the back and bull horns on the shoulders, which are able to grow again if broken. Such ferocious characteristics make him a formidable ally on his list.

Tamers will most likely face Taskmon in free battles in the forest in about the fifth part of Digimon Survive. During these combat scenarios, the player will have the opportunity to conduct a dialogue scenario with a dinosaur Digimon by selecting “Enemy” in the “Conversation” option. Players are encouraged to choose this action at the beginning of the battle to prevent irreversible hostility from the digital monster.

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As in conversations with other digimons in Digimon Survive, Taskmon will provide the Tamer with several statements or questions, to each of which the player offers four possible answers. Choosing the best answer will increase the proximity of the beast by two points, and poorly chosen reactions will lead to one or zero points. Naturally, the purpose of the dialogue in Digimon Survive is to make Taskmon fall in love with the main character Tamer; therefore, the player should strive to ensure that the best answers are chosen for each request.

Make friends with Taskmon in Digimon Survive

Taskmon will make comments from a list of seven fixed statements. Answering them with the correct answer, you are very likely to successfully make friends and hire this digimon dinosaur in Digimon Survive. Accordingly, here are seven comments, including the best relevant answer:

Question: This is my territory! Leave some food and get out of here! | Answer: Look for yourself! Question: Urrgh… When I’m waiting, I want to go crazy! | Answer: I can’t say the same… Question: I only want to have fun! You too, right? | Response: Even more than you! Question: Arrrrgh! Graaaaaaa! Anyone else will just get in my way! | Answer: Calm down already! Question: I will destroy you! Gwaaahahahaha! | Answer: Not if I beat you! Q: Don’t you look fragile in Digimon Survive. Are you eating enough meat? | Response: I eat everything! Question: Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is just the best thing! | Answer: It’s bad for your gut.


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