How to get Thor’s hammer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


We explain how to get the armor set and Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at 100% to get Platinum.

One of the most coveted secret weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. As you can imagine, getting hold of it is not easy, but it is certainly worth it in exchange for so much potential in a single weapon. Next, and as part of our complete guide, we tell you how to get this long-awaited weapon in the Ubisoft title.

Previous steps

There are several requirements that we must meet if we want to be worthy of lifting the hammer of the Norse god. The first one is to have finished the main story, since it is in an area in northern Norway that we will not access until the last bars of the game. The second condition is to have obtained the entire Thor armor set, consisting of five pieces. If you haven’t done it yet, these are the steps to get hold of the set:

  • Defeat the three daughters of Lerion, which will give us three daggers that will allow us to unlock three of the five necessary pieces. Goneril can be found in Grantebridgescire, Cordelia in East Anglia, and Regan in the same location as the latter. With the three daggers that you have collected from the sisters you will have to go to a cave in eastern Anglia to deposit them in a statue. In this way, you will get the pieces of armaduta.
  • In a cave to the east of Anglia we can get Thor’s helmet, the fourth piece.
  • You have to eliminate all members of the Ancestral Order. They have a total of 45 enemies. Once you have achieved it, you have to return to the Office of the Hidden (Hytham) to get the fifth piece, Thor’s cloak.
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If you have followed the previous steps, you will have to go to the northernmost part of the map in Norway. With the complete Thor set equipped, you can lift the mythical Norse hammer without a problem.


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