How to get the TikTok filter that animates any object


Do you remember a year ago the filter of Sasha Dog, the sad dog that swept Instagram in 2019? And the anime filter that hit TikTok late last summer? Well, in the last hours / days another filter has gone viral. A filter called Cartoonify ‘also from TikTok that allows you to do what you have surely seen in YouTube and Twitter videos: Animate objects by adding arms and legs.

TikTok Cartoonify filter

Cartoonify is a new filter that is very easy to use. The application implements a face, arms and legs on any object that you point to with the mobile camera, and it also allows the object to move, animating it as if it were a cartoon or ‘cartoon’.

How to get the Cartoonify filter:
First open the TikTok app – it must be on the latest version on Android or iOS
Select the “+” icon to create a new video
Then, click on “Effects” on the left side of the camera button and select “Trending” (magnifying glass icon)
Now you will have to search among the effects that are trending until you find an icon that shows a cartoon face on a tan background: that is Cartoonify
Click on that filter
Once you have selected the Cartoonify filter, then choose the object you want to animate with the “Select” button, releasing the button when the object you want is in frame.
Once the object has been animated, you can select it to drag or rotate it
You can animate multiple objects at the same time with the filter so that your cups and plates can finally have a conversation with each other.


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