How To Get The Sharp Ax In COD Warzone Season 6


COD Warzone: The Sharpened Ax is one of the weapons that have landed at the start of Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. How to get it. Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have already received the first content expected during Season 6. As usual, the start of the season is accompanied by new weapons in multiplayer and battle royale, although this time it extends more past the couple featured in the battle pass. We tell you how you can unlock the new melee weapon for free, the sharpened ax, and what prepaid option is at your fingertips.

How to unlock the sharp ax

To unlock the Sharpened Ax you must get a kill with a firearm, a melee weapon and with lethal equipment in a single life in 15 completed matches. The challenge is somewhat finicky, since you have to chain three casualties with elements so disparate and require a certain amount of luck.

Completing it is easier in some places than others: it is best that you head to the 6v6 showdown mode of Black Ops Cold War; If you want to do it in battle royale, Bloody Booty or Rebirth Island are the easiest. As for lethal equipment, it is best to use the throwing knife. Melee weapon drops at your choice. Remember that you cannot leave the game until it ends, otherwise you will lose your registration in it.

You have a prepaid alternative if you don’t have enough patience. For a sum of 1000 COD points (around 9.99 euros) you can get the dedicated package in the shop, which includes their first legendary weapon project.


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