How to get the Safari privacy report in iOS 14


User and password. These are the two basic requirements to enter a website or application. If you do not have them, you have to register first, a process in which you will have to be careful with the characters you use, so you have more secure passwords. But this is not the only thing you should keep in mind when it comes to being safe on the Internet. If you want to know all the details of your Internet traffic, we will tell you how to obtain the Safari privacy report in iOS 14.

Get your Safari privacy report

Users of an Apple product take advantage of all the applications that the firm itself integrates by default. Safaris is one of them and in case you do not know it, it is the Internet browser in which you can do your procedures and queries. In fact, it is exclusive and those of Cupertino have optimized it as much as possible to have no rival within their own phone. This is almost impossible, precisely because the competition is present in its App Store. As if that were not enough, we remind you that you can choose your favorite browser as the default in iOS 14.

But let’s get to what concerns us today, which is to get the Safari privacy report on iOS 14. This report covers everything iOS 14 does for you in terms of cybersecurity and finding it is not an easy task unless let them tell you. And it is that the report is somewhat hidden since to access it it is necessary to open Safari and click on the aA section of the search box. You will see several options such as increasing the size of the font or, failing that, the information it collects from the page you are visiting.

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From the privacy report you will see which are the blocked trackers of this page and of others that you have visited previously. It will also tell you if your passwords are secure or not, something that will help you to avoid identity theft. On the other hand, you may not want this system to be activated, you will have to go through the Settings> Safari> Privacy and Security> Prevent cross-tracking route.


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