How to get the Prototype of the Northern Spear


As part of our complete guide to Genshin Impact, we tell you how you can get the Prototype of the Northern Spear and the Dragonspin Spear.

Genshin Impact version 1.2: “The Prince of Limestone and the Dragon”, is now available and has come with a good dose of content to the title of miHoYo. One of the novelties is Albedo, a new playable character that we can obtain if we are lucky on our part when making gachapon rolls. On the other hand, we have new weapons and we will talk about this in this entry of our complete guide to the game. If you are looking for the method to obtain the Prototype of the North Spear and the Dragon Spinning Spear, here you will find the answers.

How to get the Northern Spear Prototype

In order to get the North Spear Prototype we will have to unlock one of the cold-eternal Trees in the new unlocked area of ​​the map. Once there and when we have overcome the history of Albedo, we can explore the entire area to discover a mysterious little frozen tree. In order to break the ice that covers it, we must collect the red crystals that are around and, when their aura surrounds us, hit the tree to damage and heat it until it is completely ready and can flourish with its true splendor.

By interacting with him, we can give him various fragments of “scarlet agate”, the new collectible item that awaits us distributed on the map. Thus, we can use them as currency to obtain different rewards among which are the Prototype of the North Spear, at level 8 offering.

How to get the Dragonthorn Spear

When we get the Prototype of the Northern Spear we can continue completing the world mission “The Poisonous Tooth” and, by gathering up to 50 pieces of stellar silver, we will complete the task to obtain the long-awaited Dragonthorn Spear as a reward, in addition to the blueprint to make it , 50 protogems and more.


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