How to get the heart of the sea in minecraft


The Heart of the Sea is a rare item in Minecraft, which is mainly used to create a pipeline, a device similar to an underwater lighthouse that gives players the ability to breathe underwater, have night vision and increase the speed of production while swimming. Pipeline is a great tool for those who like to spend time in a certain body of water or want to build marine structures in Minecraft. However, the Heart of the Sea can be quite difficult to find as it is a non-renewable item, meaning it cannot be obtained by creation or trade. The only way to get the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft is to find it in the “Buried Treasure”.

A buried treasure is a naturally generated structure that can contain valuable loot from the chest, such as iron bars, gold bars, dynamite, diamonds, and the heart of the sea. Fortunately, the Heart of the Sea has a 100% chance of appearing in a chest with buried treasures. Therefore, the opening of one of these chests is a guaranteed find of this rare item. To find a buried treasure in Minecraft, players need to purchase a buried treasure map.

Unlike explorers’ maps, maps of buried treasures cannot be sold to village cartographers. Conversely, they are generated only in underwater ruins or sunken ships. Shipwrecks in Minecraft are similar to classic ocean-going ships or caravels sunk at sea, and can appear in vertical, keel side or upside down. Players can find wrecks in all oceanic biomes, even above sea level. These structures may also appear to be submerged in an ocean monument, iceberg, underwater ruins, or gorge. Underwater ruins, also known as ocean ruins, are water structures consisting mainly of stone bricks or sandstone.

Where to find the heart of the sea in minecraft

If the fans If they find the wreckage of the ship, then with a 100% probability they will find a map of buried treasures in one of the loot chests. However, chests in underwater ruins have about a 40% chance of creating a map. If players have trouble finding any of these structures, they can feed the dolphins raw cod or raw salmon. This action will force the animal to swim to the nearest shipwreck or ocean ruins. A passive dolphin mob in Minecraft can even lead players to a buried treasure, but this scenario is much rarer.

After finding the buried treasure map, go to the red X sign displayed on the map. The player can find out where his position is in relation to the Buried Treasure by checking his white marker on the map. After reaching point X, dig out the chest and collect its contents to get the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft.