How to Get Striped fine-grained Skin in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


Striped thin hide is a monster material that players can collect from Remobras in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Remobra is a tiny monster that can be found in five main locations: the ruins of the sanctuary, ice islands, sandy plains, flooded forest and lava caves. A remobra is a type of wyvern that bears a resemblance to snakes, but with additional flight difficulties. There are other flying wyverns in the game, most notably the recently returned Seregios from the Monster Hunter franchise.

The striped thin hide can be used to make Remobra Gloves X and Remobra Feet X. It only takes two striped Finehides to craft these items, so players don’t have to spend so much time grinding these monster materials. However, like many other new monster materials in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players must unlock a Master Rank before finding a Master-level Remobra from which a Striped Thin-Skinned One can drop out. To unlock Master Rank, players must download the Sunbreak DLC on top of the regular Monster Hunter Rise game. The Sunbreak content starts after the Serpent Goddess of Thunder level 7 quest. As soon as the players start the storyline After sunrise and reaching the Elgado Outpost, they will be able to unlock the Master Rank by talking to Fioraine. Striped thin hide is not the only material for monsters requiring a master rank; Torpor bags in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also appeared for the first time in the DLC and fall out of the Great Buggy of the master rank.

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Since Remobras are ordinary little monsters that can be found in many places in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, it will not be difficult to track them down and defeat them. However, there is no guarantee that Striped Finehide will drop out of the Remobra Master Rank, so players may have to work hard to find all the Monster materials needed to create the Remobra X Set.

How to Get Striped fine-grained Skin in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As soon as players unlock the master rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, go to one of the places where you can find a Remobra. The Sunbreak add-on has added more areas to the map, so there are more chances to find a Remobr. In particular, these places are good places to find them:

Ruins of the temple — zone 5. Frosty islands — zones 7 and 10. Sandy plains — zones 7 and 12. Flooded forest — zones 3 and 8. Lava caves — zones 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Since the Lava Cave has the largest number of areas where a Remobra appears in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, this is the best place to start looking for a Striped Mink. Players will have a 30% chance of getting Striped Finehide from Remobra Master Rank, so if they don’t find it on the first try, keep looking for more. As soon as enough striped thin-skinned ones are collected, players will be able to create new equipment in the forge. The Sunbreak expansion has added a lot of new content to the game, so players should continue to hunt monsters and see what other monster materials they can find.