How to Get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse (Quick Way)


There are several ways to unlock new characters in the Disney Mirrorverse, and one of them involves collecting and spending stardust. Stardust is one of the in—game currencies that players can collect. In the Disney Mirrorverse, players collect various heroes and villains from the Disney and Pixar franchises to stop the game’s antagonist being Split. Fractured are mirrored, but slightly different versions of the classic Disney Mirrorverse characters. They are such formidable enemies that Disney and Pixar heroes and villains team up to stop them. The characters that players can collect throughout the game are known as Guardians, and many Guardians can only be unlocked with in-game currency such as Stardust.

Disney Mirrorverse has four main character types: ranged combat, support, tank, and hand-to-hand combat. Each of the unlockable and playable characters throughout the game has one of these roles. To collect characters not available in Story mode, players must use one of three methods with in-game currency: crystals, stardust or laurels. The only way to collect Stardust is to unlock crystals and unlock new Guardians. When players exchange crystals for a random Guardian, they receive the same type of stardust; The Melee Guardian will give red melee stardust, and the Ranged Guardian will give yellow Ranged stardust.

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The fastest way to get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse is to collect and spend crystals to collect different Guardians. Since there is no other way to collect stardust, players should focus on collecting crystals. Crystals can be purchased by spending in-game currency, spheres. When the player has enough crystals, he can randomly pick up the Guardians from the portal, and with it various types of Stardust.

The Fastest Way to Get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse

Since the fastest way to get Stardust in the Disney Mirrorverse is to farm spheres and spend them on crystals, players should focus on collecting as many spheres as possible. There are many ways to do this without having to spend real money:

Complete the chapters of the story mode. After completing the story mode, players will earn spheres. When the stage is completed for the first time, having scored at least 3 stars, players will earn several spheres. Complete the events at different difficulty levels. As in the recent mobile game Diablo Immortal, there are events for which players receive rewards, and spheres are among the prizes for completing the level with 3 stars. Go through the floors in the Tower of Troubles. Players can receive spheres as a one-time reward for completing floors in the Tower of Troubles. Complete daily tasks. Players must complete six daily tasks. By doing this, players can earn 10 spheres every day. Earn achievements. Although this route takes longer, it is still a good way to earn a lot of spheres that can be spent on crystals, which, in turn, can bring stardust.Create Time Keeper crystals. Timekeeper Crystals can be created for free, and all the different types of Timekeeper crystals can give players spheres. The more time it takes to make, the more spheres the player can expect. Get a free item at the bazaar every 2 hours. Players can collect 20 free spheres every 2 hours at the bazaar, so keep coming back to farming spheres for free. Don’t be tempted by the refresh button; it costs spheres, so it’s a waste of the currency that players are trying to collect. Buy spheres in the Laurel store. Laurels, such as spheres, stardust, and crystals, are a type of currency that players can use to unlock Guardians. However, every four days players can spend laurels on spheres. Earn character level rewards. When the Guards level up, players are rewarded with spheres.

Disney Mirrorverse uses these spheres as in-game currency, and with their help, players can buy crystals. If players don’t want to grind spheres or crystals to get stardust quickly, they can always use the paid feature of modern mobile games to get things faster. Go to the crystals screen in the main menu, buy crystals and spend them on various pools to unlock the Guardians. Once these Guardians are unlocked, the player will receive Stardust depending on the type of character. Yellow Stardust is for Ranged Guardians, green Stardust is for Support Guardians, blue Stardust is for Tank Guardians, and red Stardust is for Melee Guardians.

The amount of stardust that players earn depends on the Star Guardian level they receive from crystal trading in the Disney Mirrorverse:

1 Star Guardians gives 10 Stardust2 Star Guardians gives 30 Stardust3 Star Guardians gives 100 Stardust4 Star Guardians gives 450 Stardust5 Star Guardians gives 1500 Stardust