How to get skins in LoL? See paid options


League of Legends (LoL) is a MOBA-style game developed by Riot Games that is available for free download on PC. As in other online games, it is very common to have skins that alter the appearance of the characters. In LoL, more than a thousand skins are available with different themes not only for your champions, but also for sentries and chromas that change colors. See below the various ways to acquire them, whether buying or earning for free.

Buy by RP

The simplest and best known way to acquire skins is by purchasing them with Riot Points (RP), which is the official currency of the game, purchased with real money. Prices vary widely between them, with the most expensive skins costing 3250 RP. After purchasing the desired amount of RP, simply select the desired skin and make the purchase.

Hextech Creation

A free way to get skins is through spoils. The system rewards good performances and exemplary conduct with chests and keys that give random gifts within the game. When opening the chests, the player can receive fragments of skins and orange essences. These essences are necessary to improve fragments in permanent skins. To get more essences, the player can also disengage skins he doesn’t want.

Another interesting function to get skins in Hextec Creation is to exchange three fragments for a permanent and random one. Just click on this option when selecting the fragment and then choose two more skin fragments. A random skin will be created and it will be added immediately to your inventory.

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Gems in LoL provide access to exclusive skin content, but gems themselves are difficult to acquire. Still, if the player is able to collect 10 gems, he can exchange them for some exclusive Hextec skin, available in the player’s spoils. There are 16 exclusive skins among some of the most beloved champions in the game, so it’s worth checking if the player’s favorite champion has any exclusive skin.


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