How to get sanglupmon in Digimon Survive


Sangloupmon is a digimon–a demon beast of the champion level in Digimon Survive, which is very similar to a real wolf, but has too sharp blades that serve as claws for its front and rear paws. Descended from a noble species of bloodthirsty digital monsters-lupins, Sangloupmon is known to suck blood from other digimons, resulting in all information being sucked out of their digital cores, which leads to a terrible death in Digimon Survive. This Demonic Beast Digimon is also incredibly agile and able to navigate the Web with ease. As a result, it is said that it is very difficult to catch. Therefore, Tamers will undoubtedly consider it appropriate to add this digimon to their list.

To befriend Sangloopmon and recruit him into Digimon Survive, Tamers must enter a Free Battle in the second area of the island on the world map after reaching the sixth part of the main campaign. Players will encounter this digimon in an earlier battle scenario during Part 3, but the monster will only become available for hire after the start of Part 6. After entering the battle, don’t forget to switch to conversation to start a conversation with Sangloupmon instead of attacking. Digimon can be found in the drop-down list in the “Enemy” section.

After the dialogue begins, Sangloupmon will ask various questions and make statements to which the Tamers in Digimon Survive must give the correct answer. Offering the best satisfactory answer will earn the player two points, while a less optimal choice will bring fewer points, which will lead to an undesirable result, for example, the inability to recruit a digimon. Accordingly, Tamers must carefully choose their reactions in order to get the highest chance to successfully make friends with this Demon Beast Digimon.

Make friends with Sangloopmon in Digimon Survive

Below is a list of all possible questions that Sanglupmon can ask during the dialogue in Digimon Survive. Keep in mind that the order in which statements are given is random.

Question: What expression would you call your favorite? | Best Answer: Steady progress. Question: Some things in this world cannot be changed… Do you understand what I’m talking about? | Best Answer: This does not happen! Question: It’s hard to believe that Digimon Survive has monsters that coexist with humans… | Best Answer: Friends help friends! Question: Those whose position fluctuates only from words are worth little. | Best Answer: It never happened to me. Q: Do you like the moon? The sight of the full moon is so touching, isn’t it? | Best Answer: Does it remind you of you? Question: Lower being, give up, and you can still live! | The best answer is: People are no worse! Question: Higher beings cannot be understood by others. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely or anything like that. | Best answer: Lone Wolf, right?


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