How to get PIX without revealing your phone number?


Much has been said about the facilities and practicality of making transfers through Pix. After all, it is possible to send and receive payments at any time or day of the week and in a few seconds. To receive, just share one of your Pix keys, which can be an email, cell phone or CPF.

The problem is that we do not always want to share personal data with third parties. For this, there is also a random key option. It is formed by letters, numbers and symbols generated, as the name already says, randomly. The keys can be used in multiple transactions without the person having to change each transfer. Still, if the user prefers, it is possible to delete the key and create a new code.


The main advantages of using a random key are the privacy and security of your data. This is because, when making a transfer, the system shows the full name of the linked account holder and parts of the CPF, making room for actions by cyber criminals.

The option is a good option for service providers or tenants who leave their accounts visible on social networks, in addition to being the safest option when generating QR payment codes that will be printed and displayed in public places.

How to generate a random key

Creating a random key is simple. Just enter the application of your bank or payment platform that offers Pix registration. There, you can register your keys, with information such as CPF, email and cell phone number or click on the “Random Key” option. Okay, now just copy the code created by the system and share it with the contact.


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