How to Get Pieces of Fur in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak


A scrap of fur is a crafting material in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which hunters can use to create friends’ equipment for their palikos and palamuts. In particular, players can use this material to create a Sonic Paliko costume, as well as a Palamut dog tail and an Ammi costume. These multi-layer armor sets are transmogrification suits presented by Rise in collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog and Okami, respectively. Thus, fans who want to create these sets of armor in Monster Hunter Rise will have to purchase several pieces of fur for their needs.

There are two main ways to get fur trimmings in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The first way is to send the meausenarii to feed and hunt on the Frosty Islands. This action can be performed by talking to the Kogarashi Chief at Buddy Plaza and selecting Frosty Islands, including Paliko and Palamute, to be sent. After paying the fee in Kamura Points, players will receive Meowcenary loot after completing five quests. Keep in mind that fur trimmings will not always be available, as the loot generated in Meowcenary expeditions is somewhat random.

The second and more reliable way to grow fur scraps in Monster Hunter Rise is to exchange certain resources with Buddy the Blacksmith. These materials to exchange in Monster Hunter Rise include warm skins, bull fango skins, and gargwa feathers.

Farming fur scraps in MHR: Sunbreak

Warm skins are the skins of small animals that can be obtained by cutting the skin of Kelbi and Anteka. Kelbys most often appear in the ruins of the sanctuary, especially in sectors 13 and 11. The optimal route of the farm is to land in sub—camp 1 and go from 13 to 11, hungry for the Kelbies inhabiting these areas. On the other hand, Anteka hails from the Frosty Islands and appears only in sectors 1 and 6. Kelby has a 45% chance of losing Warm skins, while Anteka offers only 18%, which makes Kelby the best choice for the farm.

Bullfango skins are descended from Bullfangos, boar-like creatures that inhabit Sector 9 of the Sanctuary Ruins and Sectors 10 and 3 of the Flooded Forest. These animals in Monster Hunter Rise have a 60% chance of shedding their skins, which makes them the most reliable source of fur scraps. However, there are fewer of them compared to other neutral wild animals. Finally, Gargwa Feathers drop out with a 25% chance from Gargwa, a dodo-like bird that can be found in sectors 6 and 13 of the sanctuary ruins. Since the ruins of the sanctuary have all three animal carvings needed to obtain fur cuts, this is the best map for growing this material for friends’ equipment.