How to get palm wood in Linkum


Palm wood is a craft resource in indie Dinkum, similar to Animal Crossing, for the manufacture of palm wood boards, the main material for building structures and the assembly of various drawings. For example, players will use palm wood to build a clothing store, a pet store, and a furniture store. Dinkum fans will also need palm planks to make a kitchen table, a rowing boat, a wooden box, a barrel or practical agricultural tools, such as a scythe and a copper spear. Accordingly, understanding how and where to get a palm tree is necessary for progress in Dinkum.

At the beginning of the game, Dinkum players will find lime and eucalyptus trees nearby to begin their item-making efforts. However, they will notice that there are no palm trees anywhere, although they need to extract resources for certain construction projects. This dilemma is due to the fact that the palm trees are further from the land, in areas that the main character-farmer has yet to explore.

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Before players can begin their journey to find the palm forest in Dinkum, they first need to obtain a logging license from Fletch in the base tent. The license can be purchased for a currency known as Permit Points, a resource that works similarly to Nook Miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For completing certain stages, such as collecting plants or shells, players receive permission points, which can then be used to obtain a logging license.

Palm wood cultivation in Dinkum

Then Dinkum fans will need Basic Axe, which can be bought from John for 1000 Dinks. Players can earn dinks quickly by selling John random items. Later, players can create their own copper axe, but this option will not become available until the 2nd level of the logging license is reached. Fans are advised to purchase more than one axe before going in search of pine trees. This strategy allows the main character to comb the wilderness for longer, even if one of his tools loses its durability.

The palm trees in Dinkum are located in a biome known as the Tropics, indicated in light green on the game map. As a rule, the tropics can be found on the north side of the island or near the coastline. Players start in Bushlands, but they can open their map and see where topics can be found before heading in the direction of the biome. Keep in mind that traveling and cutting down a palm tree in Dinkum will require a lot of stamina. Therefore, players are advised to carry food with them to replenish energy.


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