How to get Old Oof Sound in Roblox


The famous “Oof”, unfortunately, was removed from Roblox due to copyright agreements that Roblox Corporation does not want to comply with, but many players are unhappy with this decision and are more than ready to return the old Oof sound. On the contrary, the developers mentioned that they plan to introduce a “sound effects market” into the game store. In this digital store, the Oof effect in Roblox will be available with a small purchase of Robux. However, such a feature has not yet appeared, and many in the community believe that the store is a project in which the Roblox development team is currently little interested.

Accordingly, fans of the iconic Oof have taken it upon themselves to find a way to bring sound back to their Roblox games. This process is done by replacing the new unwanted death effect, similar to sneezing, with the original sound file. However, this procedure may be difficult for some users, as they may need guidance on how to properly modify the files of their Roblox application.

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It should be noted that this workaround to return the Oof sound effect to Roblox is only effective for the user completing the process. In other words, no other players, except the one who performs the steps described below, will be able to hear the sound.

Roblox: How to get the Old Oof sound

Here are the steps to replace the new Oof sound in Roblox with the old one:

Step 1: Use Google search to find and download the original Oof sound effect. The file must have the format “.ogg”. Step 1a: Those who downloaded the MP3 file for the Oof file will need to use an online converter to convert it to an OGG file. Step 1b: Rename the converted file to “ouch. ogg”. Step 2. Click Start in Windows or Finder on Mac and find Roblox on the device being played. Step 3. After navigating to the location of the application file, right-click and select “Open File location” for PC or “Show Package contents” for Mac. Step 5: Open the “content” folder and find the “sounds” folder. Step 6: After finding a new Ouch.ogg file, take the downloaded or converted Oof source file and replace the current one.Step 7: Download Roblox and confirm that the changes have taken effect. This check can be performed by logging into any game and opening the Settings of the Roblox application, not the game. Then press the plus or minus buttons to adjust the volume to find out if the sound has been successfully replaced in Roblox.


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