How to Get Mystic Hardfang in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are several ways players can try to get Mystic Hardfangs by fighting Hezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but the chances of getting a resource depend on the approach to combat. Mystic Hardfangs is a crafting material that can be used for various types of weapons, armor for friends, weapon upgrades and jewelry. The only way to start collecting Mystic Hardfangs is to fight Khezu monsters at the Master level.
The various new sets of armor and weapons available to craft require different materials that players can find while hunting monsters. Resource extraction can be a bit tricky, especially with the addition of additional materials from new monsters like the Ramshackle Crimson Horn in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, there are a few things that players can do while fighting Hezu to get a few opportunities per fight to drop Mystic Hardfangs.
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Killing Khezu will give players a 29% chance of getting Mystic Hardfangs, but when capturing it there is a 33% chance of this useful resource falling out. In this case, it’s a little better to catch Heza, but the chance of getting Mystic Hardfangs from capture is about the same as with a simple kill, so it depends on the player’s preferences. In addition, there is a 52% chance of getting Mystic Fangs for breaking Khezu’s head, a 24% chance for cutting out his body, and a 27% chance that Mystic Hardfangs will drop out randomly.
How to Fight Hezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
During the battle with Hezu, players are encouraged to use the “Earplugs” skill, because the monster constantly roars and interrupts combos. In addition, Hezu is weak against fire weapons and susceptible to effects such as poison, explosion and fire rot. Hezu monsters can be found both in Frosty Lands and in Lava Caves, and players can try to fight Hezu in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak alone or in a group with other hunters.
Since Hezu needs to be fought at the Master rank, players are encouraged to find friends or other hunters to defeat the monster. Although it is difficult to inform other hunters that players are randomly selected, it is still worth getting additional help to defeat Hezu. Since there are several possibilities to get Mystic Hardfangs, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get enough resources even if there is no connection.
Along with fire damage, players can equip weapons that deal slashing damage to quickly defeat Heza. Mystic Hardfangs can be used to make Die Walk├╝re+, Squire’s Braces, Khezu Coil X and other weapons and armor. Some improvements also use Mystic Hardfangs as the main resource. Players who want to get Mystic Hardfangs must constantly capture or kill Heza in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.