How to Get Locked Treasure Chests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The locked treasure chest is another rarity 8 material in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, used to forge a secret set of pirate armor known as the Barbania Set. Although the characteristics of this set and the effects of skills are less than optimal compared to other variants of the main rank, it is more than worth using this full set of equipment just because of its pirate aesthetics. Accordingly, each of the four parts of the Barbania Set in Monster Hunter Rise requires forging at least one locked treasure chest. However, since these chests cannot be obtained by hunting rewards, carving, or completing quests, Hunters may not understand how they can obtain this rare material at Sunrise.
To get locked treasure chests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, hunters must order items from Argosy. Argosy is a store—like feature that provides Hunters with various trading options in exchange for Kamura points. In addition, players can also send exchange requests to their buddies, during which paliko or Palamuts will collect a certain ordered item and possibly also return many other valuables. Players can interact with Argosy by talking to a Rondin merchant at Buddy Plaza or with Nagi the Buddy Agent at Elgado Outpost.
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However, locked treasure chests can be obtained not only randomly by completing the Argosy trade request in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Hunters must activate a special mechanic known as Backroom Deals. When it is active, a small scroll icon appears under the friend’s head in the “Trade Requests” window. This mechanic allows a buddy to return with a melting pudding, an MP booster, or a locked treasure chest.
Farming Locked Treasure Chests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Currently, there is no data on the frequency of falling out of Closed Treasure Chests when Behind-the-Scenes Deals are active. However, Hunters are encouraged to use negotiation skills such as the dazzling Level 40 deal, which gives buddies a much better chance of returning with rare items. However, the opportunity is still randomly determined, so no exchange request in the Backroom Deal guarantees getting a locked treasure chest. Also, keep in mind that Backroom Deals is a mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which becomes available only after the Hunter reaches the 4th rank of the master.
Once the hunters have collected all of the above materials in Sunbreak, they will be able to forge a Barbania set.