How to get it for free if you buy it on PS4 / Xbox One


Those who purchase EA’s game on PS4 and Xbox One will receive the next-gen version for free. We take a look at the conditions and operation.

FIFA 21 is called to be one of the most mentioned games of the year in Europe during this year not only in the current generation of consoles but also in the one to come. EA, after confirming that we will have the new episode of the saga on PS5 and Xbox Series X, also anticipated that it will not be necessary to pay twice, but that they introduce the Double Version function into the equation. Let’s get to know in depth how to get FIFA 21 for free on the new consoles if we buy it first on PS4 and Xbox One.

Double Version: pay once on PlayStation and Xbox

Let’s start with the main thing, what is Double Version? According to EA, when we have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X starting this Christmas, we can use our previously purchased copy of FIFA 21 on PS4 or Xbox One to play on the new machines at no additional cost of any kind. So keep it simple. There are nuances, but there is no catch, believe us. We continue.

Conditions: how, until when and transfer of content

Many of you who are reading this will see you in the scenario of having a copy of FIFA 21 for PS4 / Xbox One from September, you will advance in your favorite game modes and you will have a progress already started. There is good news: all the progress and content that we get in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (players, coins, FIFA Points, articles, match results, rankings) and the progress in VOLTA will be migrated. That is, it will transfer from PS4 to PS5 and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

  • What will not transfer? Online seasons, cooperative seasons, Career mode, Pro Clubs, etc., because they will be attached to each console.
  • Until when can I take advantage of Double Version? Until FIFA 22 comes out, presumably around October 2021.
  • What if I buy the game in digital format? Are there differences with the physical format? Double Version is compatible with the version of FIFA 21 in physical format and in digital format, indistinctly. The disk is not a problem.
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