How to get gorilla arms in Cyberpunk 2077


We detail how they work, what they are for and how to equip the gorilla arms cyberware in cyberpunk 2077, one of the best killer implants

One of the positive sides of living in a dystopian future full of technology is the multitude of implants that we can acquire from any matasanos. Unlike weapons, cyberware remains implanted in our character, and gives us very interesting abilities. As part of this complete guide, we detail how to get gorilla arms in Cyberpunk 2077.

Legendary gorilla arms

This implant will dramatically improve our unarmed melee combat, which can be especially useful for missions like Born to Dominate. Its different rarities will vary both its price and its spaces for mods, so we always recommend looking for the legendary version if you can afford it. This one costs 100,250 eurodollars, but it includes three spaces for mods that, as you can imagine, are very interesting to adapt this artifact to our build. If our pockets tremble with this figure, we can also opt for the rare (15,250 eurodollar) or legendary (25,250 edis) versions.

Of course, we recommend unlocking reflex skills with bladed weapons such as Frenzy, since their improvements directly affect the gorilla arms when we use them in combat. With each hit we make with them, we will load the power of a heavy attack, which can do a lot of damage to any enemy of the title. Therefore, it is also interesting to have invested in the body attribute and specifically in the street bully branch.

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Regarding modifications, there are many that can be added to this implant, but we especially recommend the following:

  • Animal Knuckles: Damage dealt is physical and can bleed the target.
  • Rin3U Battery: Being legendary, it increases the damage of this cyberware by 100% and restores all resistance after killing an enemy.


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