How To Get El Alpiste Cafeteria And Find Figaro in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons: We tell you how and where you can find Figaro to unlock the Cafeteria at the Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum (with update 2.0.0). The long-awaited update 2.0.0 has come to Animal Crossing New Horizons to bring a large amount of new content to the game such as the possibility of harvesting food and cooking or Figaro’s Cafeteria, which we know more than well from other previous installments of the saga. In order to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee for 200 berries, we must meet a series of requirements, since the building will not magically appear on our island. For this reason, and as part of this complete guide to the game, below we will tell you what you have to do to find Figaro and get him to open his cafeteria in our virtual home.

How to get El Alpiste Cafeteria and where to find Figaro

We make sure we have update 2.0.0 installed on our Nintendo Switch.
We head to the Museum and speak to Socrates, who should have a speech bubble over his head, indicating that he is thinking of something.
When talking to him, he will tell us that Figaro, his old friend, is looking for Giroides on deserted islands and will give us a photo of him (which we can stay to place wherever we want).
Once outside the Museum, we go to the pier located on the easternmost beach of our island.
There the Captain awaits us, an old acquaintance of the saga, who will offer us a trip to a mysterious desert island in exchange for 1,000 Nook Miles.
We accepted the journey and enjoyed his curious maritime serenade until we reached our destination.
Once there, we walked around the island until we found Figaro in a very Caribbean outfit, thus showing that the pigeon has been on vacation lately.
We spoke with him and asked him about the whereabouts of Figaro, to which he replied that we have him in front of us.
After that, he will give us a fragment of gyroid that we can plant and water so that a decorative gyroid comes out.
We return to the island and speak with Socrates at the Museum so that he tells us that he will close the next day in order to make the necessary preparations to be able to welcome the Figaro Cafeteria the day after.