How to get (develop) Digimon in Digimon Survive


In Digimon Survive, knowing how to get and develop Digimon will allow players to get many types of digital monsters without spending evolution items on duplicates. When a digimon undergoes a digivolution, it undergoes a transformation that is often temporary, with the digimon returning to its former form at the end of the battle. However, in Digimon Survive, this function is implemented differently than in other parts of the franchise, since the main plot and the Digimon that befriended it have different methods of evolution and effects.

There are two ways to get a digimon in Digimon Survive, and how the digital monster is obtained will determine its development. In addition, Digimon Survive has a choice-based system that will affect the evolution forms of some Digimons, which means that players will have to make informed decisions to get the desired Digimon. Some basic forms of digimons also have the same evolution as others, so players should be mindful of the actions they take in the game to avoid getting duplicate digital monsters.

There are two ways to get digital monsters in Digimon Survive: go through the plot or make friends with them in conversation. Any digimon who becomes part of the team, playing along the plot, always becomes an ally, forming a bond with his partner as the story continues. Digimons obtained by making friends with them in conversation do not guarantee that they will become part of the team, but rather choose specific answers in the conversation. For example, to get Gotsumon in Digimon Survive, players need to make friends with them before they agree to join the team. In addition, throughout the story, players must find friendly digimons such as Gotsumon. Otherwise, they lose the opportunity to add them to the team.

How to Digivolve in Digimon Survival

The Digimon acquired throughout the story as part of the narrative will continue to form a strong bond with the players. When the bond between the partners becomes strong enough, these digimons will be able to digimonviruetsya into a new evolution. The action of the first Digivolved Digimon takes place at the end of Part 1 after the Agumon has undergone its transformation for the first time.

After the end of Part 1, players get the opportunity to develop any digimon they have befriended throughout the rest of the story. However, Digivolving a befriended digital monster in a free battle can only happen if players find Mature Enlightenment Slabs and other evolution items. In addition, digital monsters like Billaumont in Digimon Survive can potentially transform into the same forms as the main characters of the story, so it’s wise to use elements of evolution, because these characters will not return to their basic form.


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