How to get birth certificate online? Details


For some time now, the government has given citizens the opportunity to issue, view or regularize various documents online. In addition to the digital identity, issuing the CPF directly on the IRS website and regularizing the voter registration, you can also issue the duplicate of your birth certificate digitally.

As with other services, you only need to complete a few steps that include providing personal information before placing the document order – remembering that there is a fee for this.

See below all that is necessary to obtain a new copy of the birth certificate.

How to get birth certificate online?

The first thing you must do to start the process of issuing a duplicate of the birth certificate is to access the Civil Registry website;

As soon as the page loads, you will have two duplicate options: Birth, Marriage and Death. Click on the first option;

The next page will ask you to add some personal data, such as the state in which you live, the city and the registry office responsible for issuing your birth certificate;

In the next step, you must enter your full name, social security number, date of birth and the name of the mother and father in the fields Affiliation 1 and Affiliation 2;

-When proceeding to the next step you need to enter some complementary data, such as book, sheet and term. If you do not have the original document in hand or have lost it, you can go through this area without any inclusion when you click Next;

-The next area is where you need to choose whether you want to receive the document digitally (sent by email) or printed on official paper (you can choose to receive it at the Post Office or pick it up directly at the notary). This second option also allows the application of the Hague Handout, which is necessary to validate the document in countries that are part of the Hague Convention;

-Access the Summary area to verify that all data that was sent is correct. Check the option I declare that I have read and accept the terms of use, then check the amounts that will be charged for issuing the duplicate of the birth certificate;

-Finally, create an account on the site if you don’t have it by clicking Don’t have an account? Create one now to complete the process and choose the payment method for the document.


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