How to Get Billaumont in Digimon Survive


Billaumont is a bird—like digimon that players can make friends with in the newest role-playing game of the Digimon Survive franchise. Originally announced in 2018, Digimon Survive has finally launched and promises to be a slightly darker survival-style role-playing game. In order to survive in the alternate world in which the protagonist Takuma Momozuka found himself, players need to collect digimons by making friends with them and asking them to join the team; Biemon, like other digimons, can be obtained in this way.

To make friends with Digimon in Digimon Survive, players need to talk to these intelligent monsters and answer a number of questions. Digimons have different personalities, so it is important to answer questions so that they correspond to the personality of each digimon. If the players don’t answer the questions correctly, they won’t make friends with the digimons and force them to join the team.

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To make friends and get Billaumont in Digimon Survive, players need to earn at least three points by answering questions that appeal to his honest side. Unlike the peace-loving Betamon and the joker Gotsumon, Billaumon first of all seeks honestly.

How to make friends with Billaumont in Digimon Survive

Players may encounter Billaumont at the beginning of Part 2, shortly after the opening of the Free Bat zone in Digimon Survive. Free Bat is a place where players can find Betamon and Gotsumon, so they are already familiar with the Q&A procedure. Another digimon that can be found in Free Bat is Gazimon, a digimon with large claws that looks like a mammal.

As soon as the players find Billaumont, talk to him. At different points in the conversation, players will need to answer questions; there are four possible answers to each question, and they bring a different number of points. Since Biemon values honesty, players should give answers in a similar style. Below are possible questions and the best answers when trying to make friends with Billaumont in Digimon Survive:

Question: Whenever I meet a scary monster, I just start apologizing. Weird, right? | Response: You’re a scared cat. Question: Someday I will manage this institution! | Answer: No way! Question: What is the most important thing for you? | Answer: Food! Question: Why are the leaves green? | Response: It’s chlorophyll. Question: What do you do for fun? | Answer: Tag! Question: I don’t care how strong you are, I won’t lose! | Answer: Good, so energetic! Q: Have you ever lied? | Response: Never.

Players only need to score 3 or more points, and each correct answer will bring two points, so it will not be difficult to make friends with Billaumont and add him to the team in Digimon Survive.


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