How to Get Angewomon in Digimon Survive


Angevomon is a top—level digimon angel in Digimon Survive who looks like a divine female being with fair skin and blonde hair. Possessing eight wings, this digital monster wears a helmet similar to an Angemon, and is decorated with tight clothing and a long ribbon wrapping around both sides of his body. As expected from an angelic being, the Angeuomon in Digimon Survive has an exceptionally gentle nature, but does not hesitate to pay tribute to those whom he considers corrupt or evil. Accordingly, adding this digital monster to your Digimon collection is undoubtedly worth it.

To make friends and recruit Angevomon in Digimon Survive, the Tamers must complete the sixth part of the main storyline, during which they can enter the Distant Ruins of the Second Island. Tamers may encounter this angel digimon during a chance encounter with a shadow or in free battle events available in the zone. After the start of the battle, it is important not to attack the creature. Rather, open the action menu, select “Talk” and select “Enemy”. Then select Angewomon to start a conversation with Digimon.

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During the dialogue scenario with Angevomon in Digimon Survive, Tamers will be asked a number of questions, and their answers to digimon requests will determine the outcome of recruitment. As in other conversations, the best reactions in Digimon Survive will bring two points, and less optimal answers will bring fewer points. Naturally, it is undesirable to choose such answers, since an insufficient number of points can lead to the fact that the Angevomon refuses to unite and becomes hostile.

Make friends with Angewomon in Digimon Survive

Below is a list of all the questions that Angevomon can ask the Tamer during the dialogue in Digimon Survive. Providing the most optimal answers will lead to the greatest chance to successfully make friends with this Angel Digimon.

Q: I may sound cool, but I actually like to grow flowers… Is that weird? | Best Answer: I think it fits! Question: Doesn’t the calm morning air make your engine work? | Best Answer: A good start to the day. Question: Sometimes I think about the river. I wouldn’t give up this time for the world! | Best Answer: The water is really soothing. Question: I have something that I have to protect. Can you say the same thing? | The best answer is: I have it too. Question: Facing a strong opponent in Digimon Survive is sure to make your heart beat faster, isn’t it? | Best Answer: I wish I felt the same way. Q: Why do you want to fight with us? | The best answer is to return to your world. Question: Starry sky or blue sky. Which one do you prefer? | Best Answer: Clear blue sky!


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