How to Get (and Use) Abandonment in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


Neglect is a risk—related skill effect in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that creates Qurios, butterfly-like creatures that gradually deplete the hunter’s HP while increasing the attack power. Over time, the player will get more Curio, which will further strengthen his attacks. Fortunately, this skill effect will not kill the player, but his health will drop to one point, which means that even a small damage can lead to him being taken away to the “Sun Break”. Thus, the main goal when using Abandonment will be to constantly replenish the HP stock — at least enough to withstand one or two hits.

There are several ways to restore HP while Abandonment is active in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Of course, the most elementary method is to drink a healing potion to replenish your health. However, potion consumption is not always available during combat, especially during tense moments when the monster is in a rage. Accordingly, players will need to turn to other methods of treatment.

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One way to recover HP lost due to abandonment is to perform a switch skill exchange. This action resets the number of Qurio back to one, but restores all the missing HP. Eating delicious fish is also an excellent means to replenish HP over time, negating the effect of sucking health due to Abandonment. In addition, the combination of Neglect with self-healing effects in MHR: Sunbreak, such as Blood Rite or Bloodlust, is ideal for restoring lost HP. Fourth, eating Dango with super recovery before starting the hunt will also ensure HP recovery over time.

How Neglect Works in MHR: Sunbreak

To unlock the abandonment skill effect in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, hunters must forge and equip a set of Archfiend armor. This set can be obtained by killing Gaismagorm, the final boss of Sunbreak. Consequently, Abandonment will be an available skill effect only for those who have completed the main story of the add-on. Players can hunt down Gaismagorm to obtain monster materials for the following armor pieces using Abandonment:

Archdemon Armor Epin: Indignation, level 1 and Abandonment, level 2 Archdemon Armor Skeros: Indignation, level 1 and Abandonment, level 2

Resentment goes well with Abandonment, as it increases the attack power when the Hunter has recoverable damage, the red-orange part of the health bar, which is affected by the Curio of the Skill Effect in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Below is the amount of net damage that Abandonment causes without Resentment:

Level 1 and Max. Curio: +25 to attack power. Level 2 and Max. Curio: +30 to attack power. Level 3 and Max. Curio: +35 attack power.

When the “Offense” skill effect is active, these values will be further improved depending on the level of the equipped “Offense”.