How to Get an Ultimas Crystal in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


The Ultimas Crystal is an ore material of the 8th rarity in the game Rise of the Monster Hunter: Dawn, which hunters must collect in order to create and improve various equipment of the highest rank. Like other ores in the locations of the world, Ultimas Crystals are collected on Mining outcrops, clusters of crystallized minerals scattered in different zones, but they can be found in fixed locations. The best way to farm Mines for Crystal Ore Ultimas in the Rise of Monster Hunters: Dawn is to go on an expedition with the rank of master for quick access to the location without mission objectives.

Hunters can obtain the Ultimas Crystal in Blue and White Mines located in the ruins of the sanctuary, on Frosty Islands, in lava caves or in the jungle. In other words, this resource can fall out of any ore node in these four regions. “Crystal Ultimas”-for its rarity. When searching for minerals, hunters must climb rocks using their Wire Bug. Therefore, to increase endurance, it is recommended to eat dango, for example, Dango is a wall runner or Dango is a glutton. Dango Running on the walls is unlocked after completing the quest ★ 3 Village quests “Running for Supplies”, and the Glutton Dango becomes available automatically after reaching ★ 3 Villages or ★2 Collection Centers.

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In addition, eating a well-fried steak or one or two servings will completely make up for the missing stamina when entering an instance location in the Monster Hunter Uprising. The ration can be obtained by ordering a “Motley mixture” in the dining room, which requires the skin of a small monster. The motley mixture can also be used with raw meat to prepare well-fried steaks, or they can be prepared directly by the Hunter, having cooked during the hunt. Both of these items can help players manage their stamina on their Ultimas Crystal mining expedition. In addition, riding a Palamute can significantly reduce the travel time from one point to another.

Farming Crystal Ultimas in Rise of the Monster Hunter: Dawn

Another tip for hunters seeking to go on mining expeditions to obtain Crystal Ultimas is to equip equipment that provides the geologist skill, which increases the number of player interactions with the collection point. Level 1 allows Hunters to collect bone piles for one additional time into a monster hunter to grow, and level 2 gives this bonus to all collection points on the location map. At level 3, the Geologist skill allows players to mine more resources on mountain outcrops. Accordingly, this level skill significantly increases the chances of obtaining the elusive Ultimas Crystal.

Below are all items of equipment that have the “Geologist” skill:

Geology Jewel 1Brigade Set: Bracers and Bracers SCunning Specs Guild Cross Set: Boots, Suit and Bracers made of leather and leather: Gloves, Gloves, Hats, Trousers and Trousers