How to Get an Affected Hide in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monsters from which an infected skin falls out What can be done with an infected skin?
Monster Hunter Growth: Sunbreak basically follows the same formula as in the main game; however, there are some interesting new features that have been added with the expansion, and one of those things is anomaly quests and suffering monsters.
These special multi-level quests will be available to hunters as soon as they defeat the final boss of the main storyline and receive the end credits. This quest will be an urgent quest that will appear as soon as the players reach the 5th rank of the master. The affected monsters are, in fact, beaten versions of existing monsters that have been infected with a parasite, which makes them stronger and more unpredictable.
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Defeating and slaughtering monsters from anomaly quests is the only way to get “Sun—Infected” materials, such as “Infected Hide”.
Monsters from which the Affected skin falls out
To find the Stricken Hide in the Monster Hunter Uprising, there are four Stricken monsters from which there is a chance to drop out. Players should make sure that they enter the “Abnormal Quests” section of the quest counter, and not the normal quests. Normal monsters will not fall from the Affected Materials.
There is a 20% chance of getting the Affected Hide by carving the Affected Great Vroggi, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Izuchi and Great Buggy. There is also a 20% chance of getting stuff by smashing monster parts.
What can be made from the affected skin?
“Dawn”, “The Stricken Skin”:
Gem of hard frost 3 Gem of hard stream 3 Gem of hard flame 3
Antique Car GS Avallo Blade Blood Baph Blade Cat’s King Beautiful Jib Kamura Beautiful Sword Kamura Dirty Count Beautiful Ballista Kamura Galactic Cannon Reaper Ballista Notus Beautiful Glaive Kamura Antique Car HB Kulu Catholos Peak Beautiful Crossbow Kamura Stratospheric Glaive + Large Storm Bow Antique Car LB Kamura Fine S. Blade Elite Dagger Pocket Reaper Axe Helliot Scythes Blowers Feline Tread Antique Machine SS Fine Blades Kamura Legend Kulu Katolos Blades Sinister Pussy Unquenchable Flame Rabid Paws Stealth Dango Ultimate Fine Rapier Kamura Kulu Katolos Safe Antique Machine IG Bite Binding Spirit of Belladonna Blade Reaper Boldus Antique Machine LS Fine Hammer Kamura Heavy Hammer Explosive Revolver Kulu Katolos Stick
Rise of the Monster Hunter: Dawn is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.