How to get Amazon Audible 3 months free


Created in 1995 by journalist and writer Don Katz who two years later marketed a portable digital player with which users could take audiobooks and other audio content with them, the Audible platform opted for the international market with its arrival in Germany in 2005 And today, owned by Amazon, Audible is a content-focused company, with 375,000 downloadable audiobooks worldwide, audio editions of periodicals and other programs.

This makes it “the world’s largest seller and producer of spoken entertainment, information and educational programming.” And it has just arrived in Spain, where it is now available with a subscription service that allows access to an initial catalog of more than 100,000 contents with a commitment to quality local production.

Amazon Audible in Spain

Audible offers the possibility of listening to a catalog of more than 90,000 titles in an unlimited way, including more than 6,700 original audiobooks and podcasts, both in Spanish and neutral Spanish, many of them Audible Originals created specifically for the Spanish consumer.

The service also offers titles in Catalan, Basque and Galician, and new ones will be added constantly. In addition, Audible subscribers will have unlimited access to thousands of titles from its global catalog, with extensive audio content in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, among other languages.

Audible Exclusives

Audible’s exclusive titles include:

The complete saga of ‘Harry Potter’ narrated by Leonor Watling
‘Sherlock Holmes’, voiced by Jose Coronado
‘Alice in Wonderland’, with Michelle Jenner
‘The heart of darkness’, with Juan Echanove
‘Moby Dick’, with Josep Maria Pou
‘Emma’, with Maribel Verdú
‘Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Game of Light’, with Adriana Ugarte
‘Ballad of songbirds and snakes’, prequel to ‘The Hunger Games’, narrated by Miguel Bernardeau
‘The Very Soccer’
‘The girl on the train’
‘The Hunger Games’
‘The invisible guardian’, by Dolores Redondo
‘Ana, de Tejas Verdes’, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
‘York ham does not exist’, by Marian García
‘Living life with meaning’, by Victor Kuppers
‘American Gods’, by Neil Gaiman


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