How to get a Twitter blue tick?


A verified account on social media is a huge prestige. In this context, how to get a Twitter blue tick? Who can get it? We answered your questions.


Being a blue ticked account on social media is an important indicator of prestige. While many people think that high follower count / engagement is required to get a blue tick, they are surprised to see accounts that don’t even have 1000 followers approved. Yes, it’s important to be a well-known person to have a verified account, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an Influencer. So, how to get a Twitter blue tick, which has not been on the agenda lately? Who gets the Twitter blue tick?

Twitter stopped applying for blue ticks a few years ago. However, after Instagram has been receiving applications for a long time, it announced on Twitter that it would reactivate the application process, and after a long wait, we came up with a new application process. Of course, during this process, that is, when the application form was closed, was no Twitter account approved? Of course it was approved, even thousands of accounts received blue ticks.

However, these applications could only be made from private e-mail addresses or media agencies known to a limited audience. Currently, it is possible to apply for a blue tick publicly. How to get a Twitter blue tick in this guide? We answer the question in detail.

How to get a Twitter blue tick?

Before starting the process, we kindly ask you to scroll down the page a little and look at the list of people / institutions that we shared with you, that Twitter gave blue clicks and did not. Yes, meeting the conditions does not mean that your account will be confirmed. But if you can’t afford it, there’s hardly any need to apply.

  • After logging into your account on, click on More, just above the “Tweet” button on the left, and then on the Settings and Privacy section.
  • After following the Account > Account Information path, you will be asked to enter your password and the “Request Confirmation” link required for the approval application will appear in the Account Information section.

If you don’t see this option, your account is not eligible for the blue tick. While this option does not appear in most of the old accounts that are not actively used, almost all of the newly opened accounts have a confirmation request. If you meet the other conditions but still do not have an approval section, it is highly likely that you do not meet one of the following rules;

  • A real profile name and photo
  • Login to the account in at least the last 6 months
  • A verified email address or phone number
  • The account has not been penalized for 6 hours or 7 days for violating the Twitter Rules in the last 1 year
  • After clicking on the Request approval option, a warning appears stating that this process is for important individuals and groups, and we continue the process by saying “Start request”.
  • First of all, you need to choose in which category you meet the requirements of Twitter, that is, on which field you apply. This stage is critical, for example, when applying as an Influencer or journalist, if you go through a different option such as “Government official or activist”, your application will be rejected.
  • In fact, you cannot apply on your own. For example, when you choose the phenomenon category, you need to have a certain number of followers and interactions. Otherwise, you cannot apply. In the state category, you must clearly state the account of the institution you are affiliated with and your relationship.
  • After selecting the relevant category, you will be asked for some information. We click on the News organization / Journalist option during the application and on the screen that appears immediately after, we indicate that we will make an individual application as a journalist.

As we explain in detail in the following headings, each category has certain conditions. The applicant as a journalist must be working for an approved news organization or broadcast. We enter the organization’s account and declare that this account is certified.

  • At this stage, you are warned again that you have to meet the conditions, and if there are deficiencies, you need to complete the deficiencies by clicking the “I need to update” button.
  • To summarize, the next steps continue with you proving that you are a well-known and notable person, and when you complete the application, you go to the waiting period.

Who gets the Twitter blue tick?

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is not necessary to be a phenomenon to get a blue tick. However, similar to other social media platforms, accounts to be approved on Twitter must represent or be associated with a well-known person or brand. In this context, the occupational groups that are accepted “if they meet the conditions” are as follows;

  • heads of state
  • Elected government officials
  • Ministers of countries
  • Institutional structures
  • ambassadors
  • Official spokespersons of the state
  • Accounts of government departments and officials
  • news organizations
  • Journalists working for approved news organizations
  • quality publication
  • independent or freelance journalists who make interim contributions
  • Companies, brands and prominent executives
  • non-profit organizations
  • movie studios
  • music organizations
  • entertainment companies
  • Artists, actors, directors, and similar people people are familiar with
  • digital content producers
  • Professional sports leagues/teams
  • Team athletes and coaches
  • Athletes caught in global competitions
  • Pages of clubs and university teams
  • Professional esports leagues and players

Accounts of activists, organizers and other influential people who are outside of the above professions but take steps to raise awareness, share information and mobilize various communities can also be approved if they meet the necessary conditions. The audiences that Twitter prioritized in this period are as follows;

  • medical workers in epidemics or other public health crises
  • activists and local political leaders at protests or important cult events
  • public safety and journalist accounts informing about natural disasters
  • organizers, advocates or founders of campaigns to promote civil or human rights

It should be noted that performing any of the above occupational groups does not necessarily mean that you will receive a blue click.

Accounts where Twitter doesn’t give a blue tick

Unlike Instagram, Twitter, which is quite descriptive about blue ticks, also clearly states the accounts that it will not approve;

  • Pets, fictional characters not directly linked to a verified account
  • Parody and comment accounts
  • News sources and unofficial accounts
  • Accounts violating such as selling, buying and interacting followers

In addition to all these, the accounts of individuals or groups that are found to have violated human rights by an international court or an investigative delegation or commission that finds evidence may not be blue ticked. While these accounts are not infringing on Twitter, the situation does not change.

Why is the Twitter blue tick removed? Reasons for losing a blue click

How to get a Twitter blue tick? We think we have answered the question in detail. Well everything went well and our account was confirmed. Is there a guarantee that it will stay that way forever? Of course not!

It is not possible to change the username of any account with a blue tick on Instagram, in fact, it can easily change it. However, if he changes it, he loses the approval of his account, that is, the blue tick. In this context, many people wonder under what conditions Twitter removed the account’s approval status.

  • Changing the username
  • Account deactivation
  • Losing your old position
  • Your account is incomplete

If any of the above events occur, Twitter may undo the blue tick it gave you. By the old position you mean losing your post. To explain with an example; You received a blue tick as a government official, but you lost this post in the future. In this case, there is a possibility that your account will be removed from the approved status.

As you can imagine, violating the terms of service also plays a big role in losing the approval of the account.

  • Account suspension
  • Misleading people by changing personal information
  • Hatred, glorifying violence, harassment, spam and manipulation

In case of repeated violations, your account will be evaluated manually and your approval may be revoked. How to get a Twitter blue tick? Who can get Twitter blue ticks? You can share your opinions and suggestions about this article, in which we answered your questions, in the comments section.


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