How to get a trophy of a productive day in Stray


The main character of the Tramp, an unnamed ginger cat, can help players earn the trophy of a productive day by doing the least amount of work. Stray is one of the few new games released on PlayStation 4 and 5 in July. It offers players an exciting three-dimensional puzzle platformer in which players travel through a vibrant cyberpunk-style city in search of a stray cat’s family. The tramp has attracted the attention of people, because instead of running around the city and killing enemies, players need to avoid them or, in some cases, bump into them.

There are 25 trophies in Stray. Many of them require players to repeat the action several times; for example, meowing 100 times will bring players a trophy. Other trophies will be unlocked naturally as the storyline progresses. However, the trophy of a productive day is a little more obscure.

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Players can earn a productive day’s trophy in Stray by letting the cat sleep for one real hour. It makes no sense to let the cat sleep, and it can’t happen anywhere in the game, but if players leave their furry friend to rest for an hour in certain places, they will receive the trophy of a productive day.

How to put a cat to sleep in a tramp

At various levels of Stray, players will encounter interactive items. For example, when players interact with paper bags in Chapter 4¬†Tramps, slums, a cat will stick its head inside and get stuck for a while. Look for comfortable places to relax, such as bed linen, and use the triangle button to interact. The cat will curl up and purr, which will also be audible and very soothing. Give the cat an hour of players’ time to rest, and they will earn a trophy.

In the fourth chapter of “Wandering Slums” there are many places where you can relax. There is a litter next to the Morusk, and if the players give him all the notes, he will play music while the cat is resting. There is also bedding next to the sleeping robot on the roof, and when players are resting there, the camera slowly zooms out to take a wide-angle shot of the city in the Tramp.

If players don’t want to spend an hour waiting for their cat friend to fall asleep, they can do it in a few sessions, as the achievement adds up. Once the achievement is unlocked, players will receive a silver trophy for their efforts, although letting the cat sleep is probably the easiest achievement.