How to get a TikTok filter “The Voice of SpongeBob”


TikTokers loves the viral Trickster voice effect, which some call the “SpongeBob filter” — here’s how to try this popular effect on yourself.

The TikTok short video platform is known for having a huge set of different filters and effects that users can apply to their videos, from makeup filters to mini-games.

In October, the app added a number of different voice filters that can make people sound as if they are speaking in a different voice. People have experimented with these voice effects on anything from self-videos to songs and popular movie scenes.

One new filter is called by many “the voice of SpongeBob”, thanks to which any voice sounds as if a popular cartoon character is speaking. The filter is actually called the “Trickster” filter and is not directly related to SpongeBob in any way, but many users think it sounds the same as the character.

If you want to try this viral voice effect for yourself, here’s how.

How to use SpongeBob’s Voice in TikTok

Before looking for this effect, it’s worth noting that not every TikTok user has access to all voice filters yet. Make sure your app is up to date before checking, but if you can’t find this particular filter, you may have to wait until TikTok rolls it out to more countries and devices.

To find the effect, just do the following:

Open TikTok.
Press the plus button to open the camera.
Record a video using the pink button or select a clip in the “Upload” section.
Tap the three dots on the right side of the screen, then go to “Edit Audio”.
Scroll through the voice filters and select “Trickster” if available.
Click “Save”.


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