How to Get a Fire Dragon Hardclaw in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


The Fire Dragon’s Hard Claw is a monster material of rarity 8 in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is used to forge parts of the Kaiser X armor set, including Kaiser Greaves X, Kaiser Crown X and Kaiser Mail X. This monster material is also needed to create several types of weapons, such as Midnight Wings+, Amagarex Blade, Araknasmasher+, Araknablazer+, Twin Wyvern Beams+ and Fire and Ice+.

To get the material for the monsters with the tough claws of the Fire Dragon in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, hunters must hunt down the Master-rank Theostra, an Older dragon capable of hitting players with Fiery and Explosive damage. This big monster is immune to fire and resistant to thunder and dragon attacks. Conversely, Theostra is very vulnerable to Water and Ice. Since the threat level is 8, this Senior Dragon requires Hunters to be well equipped with the appropriate armor and weapons before fighting this dangerous beast. Players can meet Theostra both on Sandy Plains and in Lava Caves in Monster Hunter Rise.

A Hard Claw of a Fire Dragon with a 20% probability can become a reward for Theostra after the hunt is completed. In addition, there is an 18% chance that the Hunter will receive a Strong Claw as a reward for the broken part for breaking the Winged Claw of the monster. Finally, a Fire Dragon Claw with a 14% probability can be offered as a butchering reward at the end of the Theostra hunt in Monster Hunter. To clarify: Hardclaw does not fall out of a broken Teostra part in battle. Instead, it is included in the list of rewards issued before the Hunter returns to the hub.

Farming the Fire Dragon Hardclaw in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To farm the Fragments of Hellfire in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Hunters need to know a few tips and tricks on how to effectively defeat Theostra. For example, Teostra has two “modes” during combat: Fire and Explosion. Players can determine which mode is active by studying the effects of particles around the monster’s body. For example, an explosive attack will explode, and a fire attack will cause rot. The best way to avoid both is to rush behind one of the monster’s front legs during its attack.

Since the 20% Target Reward for the Fire Claw of Theostra is a fixed bet, breaking winged claws with a probability of 18% is the second highest chance of falling out that MHR players can aspire to. The Wings of the Elder Dragon take the most damage from weapons that cause Serious Damage, such as a Long Sword, Paired Blades or an Insect Glaive. Thus, using this weapon would greatly increase the chance of breaking the Winged Claws of the Monster for the Strong Claws of the Fire Dragon. Players can also lure other monsters to Theostra and use wyvern riding to smash monster materials.