How to Get a Clubhouse Invitation?


Interest in Clubhouse, one of the rising social media platforms of recent times, is increasing day by day. The most attractive feature of the application, which is only available on iOS devices, is that it can only be accessed by invitation. In this content, we will talk about the ways to receive Clubhouse invitations.

If you’ve spent time online lately, you’ve probably heard of the app called Clubhouse. This application, which we have shared with you recently, is essentially a “voice-based new generation network” and promises a completely different experience to those who are bored with mainstream social media.

The most important feature of the application, which allows users to communicate only by voice through private chat rooms, is that it can only be entered with special invitations. In this content, we will talk about what Clubhouse promises and how the Clubhouse invitation can be received. Let’s get started in no time.

What is the clubhouse, what does it promise?

No written or visual post is shared; In other words, in Clubhouse, which appears as a social network platform without a conventional home page flow, interaction is carried out only through voice chat rooms. In this way, while providing an environment free of pollution caused by written and visual information, the motivation to generate ideas and share them in a sincere manner is also supported.

How to get a Clubhouse invitation?
Method # 1: Individual invitation
Method # 2: Other social media platforms
Method # 3: Friends of Clubhouse

It is necessary to receive an invitation from a user using the application in order to join the Clubhouse, which is currently only available to iOS users, without entering the waiting list. However, apart from that, if you trust yourself and your luck, there are several other methods we can apply.

Method # 1: Individual invitation

The simplest and most practical way to log into the Clubhouse application is to receive an individual invitation from a person who is already using the application. While this may seem simple at first, it’s important to note that each user only has two invitations to send when they sign up. Apart from that, the more a person uses the application, the more invitations he / she gets; In other words, it is very important to know someone who is very active and influential on the platform in order to join Clubhouse.

Method # 2: Other social media platforms

If you’re dying to get into the Clubhouse but don’t have any direct personal links, it might be wise to request an invitation on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Even if you don’t have someone with a backup invitation on your social network, you can grab the attention of others and find an invitation for yourself by posting with the hashtag #Clubhouse.

Method # 3: Friends of Clubhouse

There is another way to join the Clubhouse that doesn’t require an invitation. For this, you first need to download the Clubhouse application, set a username for yourself and then confirm your account. After these actions, your Clubhouse user friends will receive a notification that you have joined the application and they can give you access to the application even if they do not have backup invitations. It can be said that this is the best way to “get invited” if you have a large number of friends using the app.


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