How to generate boleto at Banco Inter to receive payments


Banco Inter offers a digital account for MEI (Micro Entrepreneur Individual) with exclusive benefits for legal entities (PJ), such as the issue of 100 free monthly slips to receive deposits. The purpose of this resource is to facilitate when receiving payments from customers, since there is no need to waste time writing down bank details or paying transfer fees charged by other banks (such as DOC or TED).

The procedure is very practical: the MEI account holder can choose the specific amount and expiration date of the boleto, to receive the amount in his account. It is possible to track the issued slips to check which ones are pending or paid. See below how to generate payment slips at Banco Inter for third parties through the application for Android and iPhone phones (iOS).

Step 1. Access your digital account in the application through the option “Sign in”. Then, touch the arrow icon to expand the menu on the main screen of the Banco Inter app;

Step 2. Select the option “Deposit by boleto”. Then, in the “New Boleto” tab, add the amount you want to receive. It is worth remembering that the minimum amount is R $ 20, and the maximum is R $ 3 thousand;

Step 3. Then add the due date of the document. Remembering that the ticket will be invalidated if the person does not make the payment by the deadline, being necessary to generate a new ticket. Complete “Create Boleto”;

Step 4. The app will show information about the boleto, with payer, maturity, date of issue and the bar code that the person needs to pay. The ticket will be available for payment within 15 minutes after issuance. After payment, the amount will fall into your account within two business days. Banco Inter is not responsible for the collection of the boleto, it only makes this intermediary. Now, you can press “Share” to send the ticket to anyone who needs to pay it;

Step 5. To check the status of the issued slips, access the “Manage Boleto” area and see if your document will be on the list. There is a tag that indicates whether it is “Open” (not yet paid), “Paid” or “Overdue / Not Paid”. When you tap the item, all information about the boleto will be displayed, in case you need to share the code again with the payer.


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