How to Freeze Instagram Account


We gave answers to the questions about how to close the Instagram account temporarily, how to freeze the Instagram account. We explain how you can do this on Instagram, which does not have an account freezing option in its mobile application.

We may want to take a break from using Instagram, which is a social media platform that has become an important application in our lives and is a source of income for some.

In our article, we tell you step by step how to freeze Instagram. Instead of deleting your account completely, let’s tell you how to temporarily freeze.

How to freeze Instagram
Step # 1: Sign in with your Instagram account.
Step # 2: Tap on the profile section in the bottom right.
Step # 3: Click the gear icon in the upper left.
Step # 4: Tap on “Edit Profile” option.
Step # 5: Tap “Temporarily close my account”.
Step # 6: Answer the questions posed by the page.
Step # 7: Tap the “Temporarily Close Account” button.

When you temporarily freeze your Instagram account, your Instagram posts, comments and likes will be hidden during the time you freeze the account, but they will not be deleted. Your posts, comments and likes will become available when you log in and activate your account again.

In order to freeze your Instagram account, we need to use a browser. We will start the account freezing process by logging in with your account on the Instagram’s web page.

As we mentioned, you need to do this through a web browser to temporarily close your Instagram account. You can access Instagram’s web page here.

Instagram Account Ice Cream Detailed Description:

Step # 1: Sign in with your Instagram account.
Login with your Instagram account on the web page with your username and password. Go to your profile by touching the profile icon at the bottom right. On the profile page, tap the gear icon in the upper left.

Step # 2: Tap “Edit Profile”.
After touching the gear icon, touch the “Edit Profile” option on the page that opens. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “Temporarily close my account.” Answer the question “Why are you closing your account” asked by Instagram? Enter your account password. To freeze your account, finally touch the “Temporarily Close Account” button.

You can do Instagram account freeze only once in 7 days. To restore the frozen account, you just need to log in to the account. You cannot open your account that you temporarily closed, you need to wait a few hours. When you first open your account, your profile is empty and your follow-up and follower count is not visible. You can only see your post count. Be patient, your account will be restored after a few hours.

We told you in detail about how to close the Instagram account temporarily, how to freeze the Instagram account and how to activate the frozen account again.


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