How To Fix The Google Docs Indentation Error


Google Documents is a widely used tool for its versatility and simplicity. Yes, it is true that many users prefer other more complete tools such as Word, but in this case we are talking about one that you can use anywhere and on any device. However, some users have run into a problem that makes it impossible for them to edit their files properly. We tell you how to fix the Google Docs indentation error.

How to recognize the Google Docs error

As a general rule, you can always access Google Documents from your Google account. Wherever you are and whatever device you use. But you may find that the document you just opened does not have as many lines as the ones you left. What’s more, all the content is written but it is lost in the right margin as if there were no indentations. On the other hand, you can’t edit the document either, so the problem increases.

Luckily there are ways to solve this problem of the ‘infinite indentation’ of Documents and we are going to tell you about them below.

Change device or browser

The first point to fix the Google Docs indentation problem is to do a check: does it work well in other browsers? And on other devices? This is important, because this way you rule out that the problem is with the application itself. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for Google to act depending on the browser, since the error can be caused by a saturation of the service at a certain time.

For the following cases we will focus on Google Chrome, where more users have reported this problem.

Reinstall the native app

As you know, Google Chrome has an application store where you can download applications. Among them you have quick access to the different office apps of the firm. Try reinstalling the Documents one as follows:

Open Chrome
Select the Applications part in the left part of the window
Choose documents with right click
Select uninstall
Enter the store and download it again

Remove extensions

Another measure that you can take in Google Chrome to solve the problem of indentation and editing of Documents is to eliminate the extensions. If you have saturated the browser with these you can try to eliminate some of them. Then close the browser and restart to check if everything works correctly again.


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