How to fix the Face ID of your iPhone if it doesn’t work well


If you have a last generation iPhone you will know that you can count on FaceID to unlock your terminal. Face recognition is one of the most reliable locking methods right now, and Apple was one of the first to rely on it and scrap the fingerprint sensor, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods of unlocking the phone.

But this does not mean that this function is infallible, so if you have any problem we will tell you how to fix FaceID on your iPhone.

FaceID does not work what do I do?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, FaceID is a very safe function to unlock the terminal. However, Apple does not want you to become a security flaw and has some features that could block it. But it can also happen that the best situations do not occur to use it, so you will have to use an alternative method.

This is the first thing you should consider to fix FaceID. If you see that it does not work or that the function is blocked, you will need an alternative function to unlock the terminal, such as a PIN. This is not the only thing you should configure, since iPhone has a tab that says it needs your attention to unlock the terminal with FaceID. This is the quintessential security option and disabling it helps it to always work, but it is not recommended.

Tips for good facial recognition

On the other hand, you must take into account different aspects that have more to do with the care of the terminal. For example, you must keep your camera clean or else the object that captures the lens is distorted. Don’t move much for the same reason that we mentioned before. Check that the lighting conditions are optimal because in low light the lens may not recognize you, as well as if you are wearing glasses or a mask (something that Apple has recently fixed).

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What to do if all this fails and you have to fix FaceID? Well, all you can do is record a second side. This function was already present with the TouchID and can be used to find out if there is a fault with the terminal. Then, when your mobile is unlocked, you will have the opportunity to restart the function by taking a new registration of your face.


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