How to fix iPhone no service issue?


One of the problems that iPhone owners may encounter from time to time is the iPhone no service error. Whether the problem is hardware or software, it makes users nervous. Because if it is caused by a hardware problem, you need to send your device to service or have it repaired at another service point. So, how to fix iPhone no service issue? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

In order to get rid of the no service error, it is very useful to back up your device before proceeding with these procedures. You can back up to your iCloud account, that is, directly to the internet or to your computer with iTunes.

iPhone no service error solution

1 -) Close, open it will fix

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Apple’s first advice to users is to restart the device. As mentioned above, if you are faced with a software problem, turning the device off and on can solve this problem. Of course, the number of survivors at this step is quite small. If the problem persists after restarting, let’s move on to the other steps;

2 -) Remove your SIM card and reinsert it. This process also solves the problems of users in some cases.

If you keep getting errors, it may be that the operator settings are out of date. For this, it is necessary to do the following steps respectively.

3 -) Connect to a Wi-Fi network with iPhone. Go to Settings> General> About. Check if there is an available carrier update here. If there is an update, it will appear. You must install this update.

If the above solutions did not work for the iPhone no service issue, you should follow the steps below in order.

4 -) Check if your phone is up to date. Go to Settings> General> Software Update. There will be information about whether there is an update or not. If updates are available, download and install them.

– If an iOS update is not included, go to “Carrier” option in Settings> About. Tap 3 times on this option. If you are not using the updated version on the operator’s side, the update process will start. Your carrier’s settings will be updated automatically.

Alternative solutions for iPhone No Service Repair

If you are still getting the iPhone no service error, you can also try the following methods.

– Put iPhone in airplane mode and turn it off. After closing it, remove the SIM card.

– Turn on iPhone without SIM card inserted. Turn off airplane mode and turn off the phone once again.

– With iPhone turned off, insert your SIM card and turn on the phone.

– After the phone is turned on, go to Settings> General> Reset and tap on “Reset network settings”. This will help reset the iPhone’s network connections.

Until this stage, many users have achieved the solution of the problem. However, for users who still do not fix the problem, the method of completely resetting the device comes into play.

In the last step, we will reinstall iOS on iPhone via iTunes. For this, you can follow the steps below. You can also click here to download the iTunes software from Apple.

– Turn off iPhone after you make a backup of iPhone.

– Connect the iPhone to the computer with the updated iTunes using Lightning cable. Press and hold the home button in the cable connection process. On iPhone X and later models, press and release the volume up key twice. Finally, long press the power button. You will see the iTunes link text on the screen.

– After this screen, iTunes will automatically examine the model and show the installation options on the computer. Click on the “Restore” option on the screen that appears.

– Click on the “Update and restore” option that will appear later. The installation process for the model will begin. Do not remove or relocate the cable between the computer and iPhone until this process is complete. A minor disconnection can cause serious software damage to the iPhone.

This was the iPhone no service error solution / repair. If you still get a no service error on your phone, you can contact an Apple authorized service center. The problem is hardware and therefore experts in the field must intervene.


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