How to fix dead pixels on screen?


Sometimes you may see colored or black dead or stuck pixels on your screens. So how to fix dead pixels?

Sometimes dead or stuck pixels can appear on monitors. It’s annoying as it looks unappealing. It may take some time before you receive your monitor if you send it in for repair under warranty. If you do not have a warranty, you will have to spend more than necessary to replace it.

It’s actually pretty easy to fix dead pixels on your TFT, OLED or LCD screens. By following a few steps that we will show you, you can get rid of dead pixels in simple ways and in a short time. So how to remove dead pixels on the screen?

Removing dead pixels on the screen

There are no steps in these processes that will void your warranty. First you need to determine whether it is a dead pixel or a stuck pixel. The stuck pixel appears in three sub-pixel colors. Red, green or blue. The dead ones turn black as all sub-pixels are completely turned off.

Some examples of dead or stuck pixels

In rare cases, black pixels may also be stuck. If the pixel color is white or colored, you can correct it. When it is black, it is not possible to fix it. First, let’s determine if the pixel is stuck or dead.

How to do a pixel test?

  • To do a pixel test, first open the site here. You can apply it on any iOS, Android or desktop device.
  • As stated on the site, the detection of dead or stuck pixels cannot be done automatically with any device. Therefore, you need to examine the screen and identify it yourself. Click on the “Click for Dead Pixel Test” option.
  • On the page that comes up, there are explanations that go down to show you step by step how to do the test.
  • Start the test after pressing the F11 key and switching to the full screen.

On each color screen, carefully examine your monitor and spot any color variation.
If it’s not black, you’re in luck. You still have a chance to fix it. But if it’s a dead pixel, there’s nothing you can do about it. However, as we said before, there may be stuck pixels that appear black in rare cases. So you can try your luck. So how to fix stuck pixels?

There are apps and manual solutions to fix stuck or dead-looking pixels. The apps aim to eliminate the problem by flashing the problematic pixel with multiple colors. The JScreenFix web app is one such solution.

  • Open the app from here.
  • Then scroll down the page and click on ”Launch JScreenFix”.

  • Slide the small screen with the pixels to the part with the stuck pixels and leave it
  • for 10 minutes. You can wait even longer to get a more guaranteed result.

This solution will work for you. If it doesn’t work, let’s see how we can fix it manually.

  • First, turn off your monitor.
  • Get a damp cloth. This will prevent the screen from being scratched.
  • With the help of the cloth, apply pressure to the part where the stuck pixel is located. Be careful not to press on other parts.
  • After rubbing for a while, turn on your monitor.

After this process, the stuck pixel should be gone. That’s how easy it is to get rid of stuck pixels. If you have a black pixel, it most likely indicates that it is dead. In this case, if your device is under warranty, it would be helpful to show it to a technical service if not.